Sœur Anna Ali (mystique, stigmate, Kenya)



Jesus appears to Sr. Anna Ali

in Rome, Italy 1987 to present

from promotional flyer for ON THE EUCHARIST,


"I am so lonely in so many churches"


PORTA ANGELICA 63, Rome, is the official residence of Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo. It was here, in early August, 1987, that Jesus appeared to a Kenyan woman (Anna Ali), now a professed sister of the Pious Union of Daughters of Jesus, the Good Shepherd, a Union founded by Archbishop Milingo whose Ministry of Healing has brought manifold blessings to the great Italian people and to Christian Europe at large.

Jesus has continued to appear to Sister Anna Ali since His initial appearance in August 1987. During His appearances, He shares with Sr. Anna His anguish today, and requests prayers and atonement for the sins of His beloved priests and those consecrated to Him.

On the feast of Corpus Christi, 1988, He came to Sr. Anna Ali in tears of blood. According to Sr. Anna, Jesus

"came with His own light. He was enveloped in light, which was of the same hue of the sky when it is deeply blue. His presence illuminated the whole room. He wore a red tunic (the color of blood), with wide sleeves. He has shining dark hair. He gave me a message and on His instruction I started writing down the messages...The first message was written on 8 September, 1987"


Jesus is in great pain because of the way those to whom He entrusted souls and those consecrated to Him are treating Him. Some of them abuse Him in the Holy Eucharist and want to destroy Him there. They want to abolish the sacrifice of the Holy Mass. He is also unhappy about the spiritual life of souls consecrated to him, those whose salvation is in danger, and many souls for whom His blood is in vain. The consecrated in particular:

"...Both hatred and emptiness have fettered them to evil. They do not think of how much pain they cause me.." 'I am very sad..."(Divine Appeal 28-29).


On April 4, 1991, in Sister Anna's convent in Zagarolo (Rome), Jesus dictated the following prayer to the young visionary:

Oh Jesus, most humble, adorable, present in the Blessed Sacrament of your Divine Love. Here on your concealed Sacred throne, I prostrate my soul and whole self before you. Out of my nothingness and sins, I implore you to accept my poor prayers, acts of reparation and adoration to quench your thirst for souls and obtain full pardon for the many profanations, ungratefulness and outrages which you receive each and every moment from the countless number of us miserable sinners. It was your everlasting Mercy towards mankind that moved you so deeply to the point of veiling yourself to remain in love on our altars and Tabernacles all over the earth.

Oh Jesus, by your Soul, Body and Divinity, present in the most Holy Eucharist, accept the tears of my soul that these very precious souls to you (mention here the names of those you wish to pray for) may not lose their Eternity forever.

The everlasting ages belong to You. So we entrust our total selves in Your loving care and gaze, now in life and death. Amen.


Jesus permitted Sister Anna to take His photograph on various occasions of His appearance, and in subsequent revelations gave reasons for making Himself visible now in our time.

"Listen to me. I am above this earth. I allow myself to be seen after many warnings"

"I make myself visible in order to bring back souls."

"I love mankind and I make myself visible in order to give my warnings of mercy"

"Many do not listen to me because they do not believe in my reality"



Divine Appeal #1 : 3.00 a.m. 8th September, 1987

Divine Appeal #4 : 3.00 a.m. 23rd September, 1987

Divine Appeal #13 : 3.00 a.m., 6th October, 1987

Divine Appeal #147 : 10.30 a.m., 20th May, 1988

Divine Appeal #157 : 5th June, 1988.

Divine Appeal #164 : 1.30 a.m., 16th June, 1988

Divine Appeal #180 : 12.12 a.m., 8th July, 1988.


DIVINE APPEAL #1: 3.00 a.m. 8th September, 1987

"I am Jesus Crucified...... Humanity like Judas, betrays Me and drags souls down to perdition to chase blindly after sinful loves: money; Satan has darkened the spirits which had already been turned against themselves."

This time I was not asleep and I was not praying. I just had my eyes closed in the dark. I heard a pitiful voice near my ear saying: "Be attentive to what I am telling you." I opened my eyes and from outside I saw a ray of light; through it I saw the Lord kneeling on the right side of my bed.

"My daughter, I am so crucified and abused, blasphemed and denied as I continue to love, serve and heal My poor ones. Under this immense suffering I wish to speak to you and explain something to you. I have waited for you so that you could share this anguish with Me."

"The time has ripened in so many years of sufferings. I have given Myself to your heart. Offer Me everything continuously, living with Me in the same Host! You must live like a tabernacle at My disposition and that of humanity in reparation for sins. This is My command to you. You cannot reject them: learning from my servant, you must be able to approach My poor ones even though it will cost you anguish and tears. See every person in My afflicted countenance. Assure everyone that I love them and forgive them. I am 'Jesus Crucified."'

"I wait for them. My mercy is immense. If they accept, their repentance is sufficient. I ask for faith, intimacy and confidence. Cloister everyone in My Heart! I want you to be universal. You know what I want: take time for exposition of My Divine Body, do penance and receive Me in atonement. My daughter, humanity does not want to listen to Me. The devil has taken possession of their souls, instilling in them that My Eternal Father does not exist."

"I no longer ask for anything but rather I will take everything with all the force of My Eternal Father. The...... do not change their lives and become humble and charitable detached from the vanity of the world, will perish in My Divine judgment. They do not believe in My afflicted appeal. I pour tears and blood over humanity. Like a beggar, I ask for meditation and consolation on the evil which is being provoked in the presence of God, My Eternal Father."

"All the regions of Italy have the communist(1) seal. My Mother has given continuous messages. These are not now simple words but rather an afflicted and painful appeal to all mankind. Humanity, like Judas, betrays Me and drags souls down to perdition to chase blindly after sinful loves: money. Satan has darkened the spirits which had already been turned against themselves. Evil turns like a horrible serpentine monster that unconsciously coils around souls."

"My daughter the time is grave. My warnings are not heeded. This is a terrible anguish! If people repent and pray, the wrath of My Eternal Father will be appeased."

"Take time before My Love in My Sacrament. Be pleased and atone for the crimes before Me as I love and wait day and night in My tabernacle waiting to embrace all. Pray and do penance. My daughter, allow Me to use you, surrender yourself without thinking what will happen to you. Tell mankind to abandon evil ways. Devote yourself to prayer, meditate in the silence of recollection and listen to the voice of My mercy and love. I want to save you. Listen to My afflicted weeping. This is Satan’s hour! With a small number of the chosen children, I will build My kingdom."

"The devil has imprisoned souls......" I have seen My Eternal Father looking severely at the earth and saying these words: "In a few minutes I will destroy this earth of mire, blasphemy, scandal, infamy, sacrilege and insults. I will destroy everything if the world is not converted."

"Deny yourself and make yourself strong to be a servant of My Love. Live as I want you to and do not fear. My loved ones suffer a lot. I have offered you a good chance. My daughter, allow Me to use you without thinking what will happen to you. It is My Joy and Will that you be My living Tabernacle."

"I bless you. Love and make many pray."


DIVINE APPEAL #4: 3.00 a.m. 23rd September, 1987

"The devil is making every effort to abolish the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass."

"My daughter, I want you to listen to Me. Pray a great deal for humanity; the world is growing from bad to worse. The devil is making every effort to abolish the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Divine Justice is prepared to act with My eyes fixed on Heaven."

"It will be terribly frightful as if it were the end of the world. But the end has not yet arrived. My daughter, after so many messages with painful events, they remain indifferent as if it were an idle call. I want My Voice full of affliction to fly to the very ends of the earth, saying over and over again: 'Be attentive...... the time to settle accounts has arrived! Blessed are those who listen to My Voice."

"I bless you."


DIVINE APPEAL #13: 3.00 a.m., 6th October, 1987

"I am continuously receiving crowns of thorns...... passing through the milling crowds with bowed head......"

"My daughter, pray. Do not tire. Do what I am asking you, without wanting to know how and when. I will take care of everything. I will guide you. It is I who am making use of you. Do not be afraid. God's anger is overflowing. The devil has imprisoned the souls of......" "Divine justice is prepared to act. Will it be within some months? Within a year? Only My Eternal Father knows. It is such a difficult enterprise!"

"My daughter, after so many messages with painful events, they remain indifferent as if it were an idle call. What more can I do for mankind? All are silent, paralyzed as if the Almighty does not exist. I want My Voice, full of affliction, to fly to the ends of the earth saying over and over again be attentive...... the time to settle accounts has arrived. I ask this of...... let them all know that this is the dangerous hour. Everyone, prepare yourself, both good and bad, adults, children, priests and nuns, all humanity, wake up from your apathetic slumber! Let them know clearly that "blessed are only those who listen to My Voice and prepare themselves." My daughter, pray a great deal. Speak to the children of darkness."

"My daughter, I am continually receiving crowns of thorns, passing through the milling crowds, and with bowed head because of the many sacrileges which are committed day and night against Me especially My Divine Body in the tabernacles. For My sake, suffer and do penance. Be calm. Listen to what My servant tells you. My Eternal Father wants it this way."

"I bless you."


DIVINE APPEAL #147: 10.30 a.m., 20th May, 1988.

"My left Hand points to a warning and My right Hand to a miracle."

"My daughter, listen to Me, I come here to seek shelter. Pray a great deal and cloister souls in your heart. Pray very hard for the scandals of the world. My left Hand points to a warning and My right Hand to a miracle. I beg you to do penance for souls of mankind. I have nothing more precious than that."

"I make this known to souls. I give many communications so that My messages and those of My Holy Mother will defeat the resistance of mankind to repeated calls."

"I bless you."


DIVINE APPEAL 157: 5th June, 1988


"My daughter, pray a great deal. Behold the devil torments you. He has always sworn to rush and destroy you. Do not listen to his wily subtleties. I implore you to lift your eyes to Me. Courage even if you experience difficulties. Do not fear. Behold I suffered all the pain for mankind. Pray more than usual. I do not always desire to console you in a sensible manner. As desolation besets you, do not occupy yourself with troubling thoughts about what evil has tormented you. I want you to remain quiet and prayerful. In the Sacrament of My Love, I am thirsty. Bring Me more souls. Time is short for saving souls..." "I bless you."


DIVINE APPEAL 164: 1.30 a.m., 16th June, 1988.

"My Divinity is present in the Consecrated Host"

"My daughter, listen to my words. My Divinity and humanity is with you. I now call you into My Divine Mercy which I expose in My Holy Sacrament of Love. Pray a great deal and contemplate the vastness of My Divine Mercy towards mankind. I embrace all. I cast off no-one from Me. My great love for mankind keeps Me a prisoner in the tabernacles waiting and thirsting for all sinners. I offer them sufficient grace for their conversion. My grace extends itself to all the miseries of any kind that it finds through this earth. However terrible it is, direct or indirect, I turn it into salvation. Here, I show My marvelous inventions.(56) What I now make known to them is My sacred mystery. I recognize what appeared at the same time. I stay in the glorious triumphs in heaven while still on earth. In this mystery I give Myself not to mankind as a whole, but to each and every individual in a simple way. I represent Myself, I am whole. My Divinity is present in the Consecrated Host, in every small particle. I am so lonely in the Sacrament of My Love. I thirst for souls. Time is short for saving souls. What more could I have suffered for mankind? What a pain for Me to see souls eternally lost!"

"I have nothing more precious than the souls of mankind. I beg you to serve My cause before it is too late. The souls consecrated to Me have whipped and denied Me. I have no rest. Give Me love for mankind. I stoop to this level."

"Pray, pray. I give My blessing."


DIVINE APPEAL 180: 12.12 a.m., 8th July, 1988.

"Day and night I have abundant blessings in My Tabernacle, ready to give to anyone. No one comes, instead they spit and step on Me."

"Pray a great deal, My daughter. My Divine Justice is shackled by My Mercy." "I have nothing more precious like the souls of mankind. Do not be afraid. I lead and strengthen you. You have to mention My Name more often in all your talks with anyone. Please, My daughter, see to it that you do this all the time. Open your soul to receive more. I have to erect an altar in your heart."

"In the Sacrament of My Love, I am so lonely and abused. Think of the value of the present moment, increase your trust and respond to My Love. When a soul falls into perdition, it is eternally lost."

"I am very thirsty for souls. I am waiting for them day and night. Understand My thirst for souls. Keep strengthening your belief in My words."

"Day and night I have abundant blessings in My Tabernacle ready to give anyone. No one comes, instead they spit and step on Me."

"I pour My tears of blood on these very souls."

"Pray for souls, in the front-line, the consecrated souls. Do not fear. Speak and listen to My beloved servant. Receive the fount of My grace and power. Open your heart and allow it to overflow in gratitude of Love." "As I am exposed I will pour the treasure of My infinite Mercy into human souls."

"I give My blessing."